Radio Valo

The Radio Valo Malta is a group within the Down Syndrome Association is an innovative initiative which was adopted, based on the valuable input from Finnish partners. This group enable individuals with Down syndrome to express themselves, interact with others, and make their own choices. This form of media-based education not only empowers the participants but also promotes inclusivity and self-advocacy.

The process of creating small videos where participants work together to convey their thoughts and choices is a creative outlet and a means of building important skills. The inclusion of captions in Maltese and English in an easy to read format further enhances accessibility and ensures that the content is understandable to a wider audience, including those with intellectual disabilities.

During these sessions the group also experiences a collaborative and interactive experience with the Finnish partners via platforms like Skype which adds a global dimension to this endeavour. Sharing experiences, insights, and guidance with experts like Mr. Markus Vahala from Radio Valo Lythy enriches the group of Radio Valo Malta and contributes to continuous improvement. This cross- cultural collaboration enhances the quality of the Radio Valo Malta project and showcases the abilities and accomplishments of participants on an international scale.

By uploading the videos on various platforms, including your association's website, Radio Valo Lythy website, and YouTube, the group shares the achievements and progress with the world. This not only raises awareness about the capabilities of individuals with Down syndrome but also contributes to the broader goals of advocacy, understanding, and acceptance.

The Radio Valo Malta is creating a lasting positive change and inspire others to recognize and celebrate the talents and contributions of individuals with intellectual disabilities like Down synndrome. A truly commendable group which promotes self-advocacy, education, and awareness.