The Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle, is a group within the Down Syndrome Association which focuses on empowering youths with Down syndrome, through informal learning sessions. The approach is to tailor the sessions to the diverse abilities of each participant and build their self-esteem.

These sessions create a supportive and inclusive environment where participants can learn from one another and provide mutual assistance. It is a combination of personal and teamwork, where strengths are highlighted and challenges are addressed collaboratively. This will contribute to an overall growth and development of these young individuals in the group.

The Friendship Cirlce as the name indicate was founded to understand the learning needs of youths with Down syndrome, emphasizing visual, hands-on, and repetitive learning methods. This approach aligns well with the way these youths learn best. The main target are life skills, as to equip them with practical abilities that enhance their independence and quality of life.

These sessions are also a continuation to secondary school which is indeed essential. Learning is an ongoing process, and providing a consistent environment for growth leads to significant improvements over time. By nurturing their skills and potentials, the Frienship Circle is setting a strong foundation for a fulfilling and independent future for these youths. Sessions which are making a positive impact to the well-being and growth in the lives of these youths.

The Friendship Circle is creating a ripple effect of positive change not only in the lives of the participants but also in the broader community by fostering understanding, compassion, and inclusivity.