Coffee With Us!

The association is seeing this dream as an opportunity to show the abilities of these youths especially to society of whom employers who need to be more inclusive and believe more that persons with intellectual disability are able to work, socialise and lead an independent life. This consists of 8 activities in all, each implementing the running of a cafeteria where the employees will be mostly youths with the condition of Down syndrome. They will be preparing the snacks and beverages and eventually serving heart-warmingly the clients. These activities will enhance the lives in training and employment of the participants but not only. Even those attending these activities as clients will be enriched with the knowledge of what inclusion means and with the faculty to empower their fellow citizens. The aim of these activities is to set the example of shattering the myth of hiring persons with intellectual disability.

The association will advertise this cafeteria by inviting all its members via email and also on its social media for the general public. The association will assess the employees on their abilities and will train each participant individually according to their respective chores being preparation of snacks, making beverages, serving, cleaning and payments. It is true that employing a person with intellectual disability may take longer to train but in return you have them for longer time. In actual fact, these employees have a lot more abilities than disabilities. They love unconditionally and it changes the whole environment and business. We believe that incorporating a person or two with disability into a business can change the whole atmosphere for the better.

The objective of this project is to show that youths with the condition of Down syndrome have various abilities. They can lead an independent life if they are given the opportunity. The next date is scheduled for the 2nd of September 2023 and the premises of the Down Syndrome Association will be used as venue. The youths choose the chores according to their abilities. The training will be continuous for the whole year before and during the implementation of the project. The practice is done in the same environment as the actual activity so as to be more realistic to the participants. The youths organised the menu and the design of the menu itself. They chose the colour of the shirt and the art design to use as a uniform.